Ayahuasca Showed Me a New Road In My Life and Helped My Son Stop Drug Abuse

A testimonial from a beloved participant of two Ayahuasca Retreats at Ayahuasca House near Medellin, Colombia. Her son has also come to two retreats and her daughter one retreat. It was an absolute honor sharing the experience with them!

This participant decided not to give a spoken testimony to protect the identity of her son.

I chose Ayahuasca out of desperation and it ended up being the best decision I could have made for my family and myself.

My child had been abusing drugs for about 4 years and we had tried rehabilitation, therapy, dialog, consequences, tough love, and anything imaginable that a desperate parent can do. Nothing worked until my child was in the hands of Renato, Sabina, Tom, and the caring staff at the Ayahuasca House. Thank you.

My child’s attitude started to gradually transform for the better right after the experience. Every week that has gone by since then, he shows progress. As of today (6 months after the retreat) I’d like to happily share that I have a new kid. There have been no more episodes of self-harm or drug use.

Why did it work? I didn’t know, until I experienced the retreat myself. Many times, after listening to testimonials, I heard the same: “It is impossible to explain it with words,” and maybe that’s true, or maybe it’s just not possible to explain it to others who haven’t had the experience without being on the receiving end of incredulity. Because this is beyond belief.

After listening to my child’s experience and being through my own, all I can say to try to explain it is that the experience is an encounter with your subconscious, and may I say, with your soul? I could say much more than this, but then I know it will sound unbelievable.

Fire During Ayahuasca Ceremony
Fire During an Ayahuasca Ceremony

In my own experience I was taken back to my infancy where I found answers to my behaviors, and where I was able to understand, nurture, validate, and heal myself. I had memories from an abusive childhood that had been blocked, which gave me an insight and understanding of some relationships in my life that needed to change or end.

My mind was clear and as I asked questions, I then received answers right there and then.

At the end of the retreat, I was going back home knowing exactly what to do. Whereas in the past, many times I knew I should stop a behaviour or take some kind of action about something but was unable to do so. This time I knew the reason for the behaviour and had the willingness and strength to change it.

As for my child’s experience, it was about confronting demons, paranoia, resistance, and finally finding surrender.

One last thing I’d like to share is that I never tried psychedelics in my life, nor drugs, or marihuana. The reason I feel the need to say this is because the very first time I heard about Ayahuasca, I had the idea that it was more for people who were looking for a psychedelic experience, but that was extremely far from the truth. I was very wrong. Ayahuasca is for everyone. It really is a medicine.

In my opinion, when talking about Ayahuasca, it’s the only time when “it’s too good to be true,” does not apply. It’s not what you’re thinking. It is safe to let yourself be vulnerable at the Ayahuasca House.

I promise it will be the most magical and awakening experience you will ever have.

Give yourself permission and be brave enough to experience the medicine in the hands of Renato and the lovely team at the Ayahuasca House.

Thank you!

The Deck and View at Ayahuasca House
The Deck and View at Ayahuasca House

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