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Bufo Ceremonies

Bufo is a powerful and potent psychedelic that comes from the Colorado River (or Sonoran Desert) Toad, scientifically known as Incilius Alvarius. The toad is found in Southeastern California and New Mexico in the USA, and through Sonora and Northern Sinaloa, in Mexico. The chemical found in Bufo is 5-MeO-DMT, one of the strongest psychedelics known to humans.

Bufo is an incredibly powerful experience, very difficult to describe with words… The ceremony typically lasts around 30 minutes with the peak being 10 to 15 minutes where you’ll see and feel a whole range of abstract lights, shapes, visions, vibrations, and more.

Bufo has been said to give people the feeling of being completely reborn, leaving behind past patterns and behaviors, and allowing you to create a whole new reality of how you wish it to be.

How Do Participants Find the Experience?

"A beautiful experience. A lot of thanks" - Alan

"This love... Good experience. Great!" -Masaya

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