The first two days are to detoxify your body and to lower your stress levels. In many cases people don’t feel anything or just a little bit from the medicine at the beginning. To transform your life and to truly heal is nearly impossible in just 1 or 2 ceremonies.

We do a really serious job at Ayahuasca House and our goal isn’t just to sell an Ayahuasca experience. We do complete therapies with our participants and all the work necessary so you have the most profound experience possible. Thank you for understanding this.

Yes, and 100% yes! Amazing uterus healings occur when drinking in this state!

There isn’t any contraindication to drink Ayahuasca in your sacred menstrual cycle and there’s no logic to deny anyone to drink Ayahuasca during any part of their menstrual cycle. Some cultures deny women in menstruation. However these are only domain-based beliefs.

The most important thing is you’re well fed to have the strength to withstand the purge and energy cleanse the 4 day retreat will bring.

However, we recommend you avoid dairy products, industrial sugar, white flour, pork and red meat a week before the retreat.

Using marijuana also affects the ability for Ayahuasca to enter your system. We recommend you to stop using marijuana 2 weeks before the retreat, the more time, the better.

Also if you use any recreational drugs, their use should be stopped.

It is NOT possible or advisable to drink Ayahuasca when taking these medications. Please let us know if you’re taking anti-depressants/psychiatric medication and we will help you in the best way we can.

You must be free of these medications at least two weeks before attending a retreat.

All the information on how to prepare for a retreat at Ayahuasca House is found in this blog.

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