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Kambo is a traditional healing ritual performed for hundreds of years in many Amazonian indigenous communities and is now used across the world to help people heal a variety of illnesses and diseases, as well as to detoxify and restore a healthy person’s body.
We’ve been working with Kambo at Ayahuasca House near Medellin, Colombia, for over 7 years now with some incredible results.
It’s a substance that the giant monkey frog secretes. People sometimes refer to this animal as the giant leaf frog and its scientific name is phyllomedusa bicolor frog. Biologically the frog produces an antibacterial coating which is the medicine.
Kambo is neither a poison or a venom. The secretion is full of bioactive peptides that the human body recognizes which helps to activate our body’s own healing abilities. These peptides are 400 times stronger than any antibiotic and 4,000 times stronger than morphine.
The giant monkey frog is native to the Amazon rainforest. People in many cultures there revere giant monkey frogs for their incredible healing abilities.
Supporting Indigenous Communities

Benefits of Kambo

  • Kambo has antibiotic properties and strengthens the immune system whilst physically destroying pathogenic microorganisms

  • Helps to stimulate the endocrine glands of the brain, resulting in further immune boosting effects and a deep cleanse of the body

  • Is a powerful treatment against cancer

  • Is a strong anti-inflammatory

  • Helps clean the body and organs from the toxins that we ingest everyday from our food, water, air, pharmaceuticals, and more

  • Is a powerful anti-parasite cleanse

  • Can help to reduce pain, and supports with headaches and migraines

  • Helps treat problems in the brain such as alzheimer’s and parkinson’s

  • Has been been seen to dramatically help people with depression and anxiety

  • Is a powerful energy cleanse

  • Aids in issues such as blood circulation problems, vascular insufficiency, organ disease, fertility problems, hepatitis, and much much more

To schedule your ceremony or for more info:

The Kambo Ceremony

The Kambo ceremony is a short and intense experience. The strongest part of the ceremony typically lasts around 15 to 20 minutes with the whole process in total lasting around 45 minutes.
Kambo is applied to the first layer of a person’s skin. Therefore small points are burnt to expose the first layer of your skin where the kambo will be applied to. The points can be burned on any part of your body (back, arm, leg, ankle) but our recommendation is on the upper part of the arm. Kambo, when prepared to be applied, is a whitish paste.
How many points you require typically depends on your size and body weight. If it’s your first ceremony we go slowly to judge how many points you will need and for those returning we also employ the same approach.
Before the ceremony begins it’s important to drink a lot of water. The reason is Kambo is a strong purgative and the water will help you to throw up and release the toxins from your body and your stomach.
After the points have been applied you’ll typically feel a slight stinging sensation where your points are. It’s normal to then feel pressure in your head, hot or cold, a stronger heartbeat, nausea, a strong uncomfortable feeling in the body, and more.
All these symptoms are very normal and it’s part of your body’s response to clearing toxins from your organism, and reactivating your immune system.
The intense part of the ceremony typically lasts 15 to 20 minutes where you’re vomiting, clearing your whole system. After that you’ll slowly begin to feel normal again and after around 45 minutes you’ll typically begin to feel an amazing sense of peace and wellbeing, knowing you’ve helped to deeply clean your body and mind.
We encourage you to lie down and rest after the ceremony and enjoy the feeling.

How to Prepare

  • It’s essential to come to the ceremony having fasted for at least 6 hours, 8 hours is ideal. For that reason we always prefer to do Kambo in the morning so you’re fasted overnight.

  • The evening before Kambo, please do eat a good, healthy, clean meal, so you’re charged with energy to undertake the ceremony. Please avoid lactose, sugar, white flour and red meat.

  • The morning of the ceremony please only drink water. No tea, coffee or juices

  • Before the ceremony begins it’s important to drink 3 litres of water to help the ceremony flow as easy as possible for you. You can do this at the ceremony, you don’t need to arrive full of water

  • After the ceremony we strongly encourage you to have a relaxing rest of the day. The process can be quite intense so it’s good not to have too much work on or any intense activities

Are there any reasons why I can’t do Kambo:
  • It’s great to do Kambo with all forms of conditions. However please do let us know if you suffer from any pre-existing health conditions so we’re aware

  • Please do let us know before confirming your ceremony if you have a pacemaker in your heart

Kambo Ceremony

To Schedule Your Kambo Ceremony

Please get in touch with us to schedule your ceremony or to ask any questions you may have. We’ll be very happy to help.

We do Kambo ceremonies not only during our retreats but also at other moments when the treatment is scheduled in advance.

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