What Our Participants Say

"It's beautiful and you're in great hands" - Alexandra

"It was a transformational life experience" - Rene

"A beautiful experience. Nothing that you can even imagine" - Mickey

''The Ayahuasca House staff are phenomenal" - Beresh

"It's been monumental... really life changing" - Lauren

"This experience has allowed me to shed a layer" - Cartier

Over 95 Amazing Reviews on Google and Counting

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"It's been an amazing journey deep inside" - Alejandro

"I'm so grateful for this experience" -Matt

"Nothing but magical... true healing" - David

"My soul has been recharged" - Brandon

Healing from antidepressants - Julia

"Words can't describe this experience" - Jonathan

"This has been a life changing experience for me" - Kalli

"You can see the change in people here" - Carlos

"It exceeded my expectations... and I had high expectations" - Jeff

"The medicine is unbelievable" - Nigel

"Nothing short of a miracle" - Aaron

"It's difficult to put into words what an amazing experience it's been" - Joe

"My family are very happy, very grateful" - Mirna

"The start of a new life. A changed life. Thank you" - Bunty

"My experience has been pure love" - Sidney

"I love it... Good Experience. Great!" - Masaya

"It's just so profound and amazing" - Sal

"It's better than 20 years of therapy" - Gregory

"Thank you everyone for taking good care" - Katharina

"I can't explain how wonderful my experience was" - Doobie

"One of the most amazing experiences of my life" - Jas

"Incredibly freeing and has released so much tension" - Josee

"Better than 10 years of meds and therapy" - AJ

"I'm so glad I came here. Everyone is incredible" - Seryi

"The company of Sabina, Renato and the team is very valuable" - Sandra

"I'm very thankful with all the team, with all the leaders" - Valerie

"A beautiful experience. A lot of thanks" - Alan

"I can't begin to describe how amazing my experience was" - Lina

"This is true soul healing!" - Brian

"I'm so grateful for the staff and the service they put together" - Jami

"The team here is second to none! It's one big package of absolute joy" - Jack

"The team here is incredible!" - Jack

"Come to Ayahuasca House and change your life!" - Keith

"My Ayahuasca Experience was the best!" - Marieli

"I recommend it a thousand times" - Enriqueta

"And all of a sudden it makes sense and you have clarity" - Claudine

"The most rewarding 4 days of my life!" - Melissa

"You rediscover yourself!" - Nico

"My experience here was truly life changing!" - Salvatore

"Wow! It was really good!" - Kyle

"Ayahuasca House made me feel comfortable" - Syed

"You can get decades of therapy in a night!" - Marcus

"The experience was life changing. Amazing!" - Eddie

"A very warm place where the staff really cared!" - Jeremy

"I couldn't have chosen a better place to live this experience!" - Esteban

"The best experience of my life!" - Mauricio

"I was born again. I'm a new man!" - Leon

''Ayahuasca House exceeded my expectations'' - Mark

"It was so worth it!" - Claudia

"The freedom this process allows" - Oliver

''A really extraordinary experience'' - Chad

"You Couldn't Be Better Taken Care Of" - Hea Won

"Just say yes, do it, and your expectations will be exceeded" - Chris

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